Best agent for you? Only you know!

best agent is like a partner

I am the BEST AGENT!

Truth of the matter is that I believe I am the best of me! I know my capabilities. Confidence is not my shortcoming. I have been an agent for just a few years, but I have picked it up fast! I am tech savvy, smart, and honest. Learning the systems and rules is easy. Having a servant mindset to clients is the goal. My job is to help you achieve your Real Estate Goals, not mine. So I know I am the Best Agent! Question is, am I the Best Agent for you?

How I would pick the Best Agent

Before I earned my real estate license, I purchased two homes using the same agent. The first home, I picked this agent at random. I didn’t know any better. But god was on my side. My agent, Joe Nastasi, was great! (and he still is) He helped us from start to finish. We were new to town, so he guided us as to all the nuances of the town. I couldn’t have asked for a better agent.

Joe shared our values, our common beliefs. He was a straightforward and honest guy. There are always challenges in a real estate deal. It was obvious he had our backs. Multiple times he stepped up and fought for us.  Even more important to us was that we knew HE CARED about us. He cared how the deal would affect us. This made it easy, like having a partner we could trust.

How you should pick the Best Agent

Do you like or prefer tech? Believe in family first? Do you want to do business with a friend? Are trust and reliability important to you? This describes how I do business. I love tech, email, smart phones, etc. And every client becomes like family. I love my family! Because I love my family, I do right by them. This attitude carries over to how I treat my clients. I do right by them because their family is as important to me as my family. To top it off, all of this is worthless if I am not trustworthy or reliable. And I am not worthless!

Am I the Best Agent for you?

Truth is, there are an incredible amount of agents out there. All of those agents can help you buy or sell your home. Sure, there may be some things that are different, but we all have access to the same major marketing tools. Things like the MLS,, social media, open houses, craigslist, etc are no secret. The real question then becomes, who do I want to work with? Buying or selling a home is an investment in time. Why would you want to share/waste that time with an agent you don’t connect with? Everything is easier if you can relate to me. Everything is easier if we share an affinity. I guarantee you I may not be the best agent, but I am possibly the BEST AGENT for you!

If you agree, let’s connect. I would love to sit down with you and discuss your goals. I will go even one better and I will buy the coffee!

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