talk about disadvantage

Disadvantage or Advantage? You Choose

Is This a Disadvantage?

Just came to my attention that a family member, who knows I am a real estate agent, just sold some property and signed a sales contract with the buyer recently. I had known about them selling, and wasn’t too concerned with it because they have sold property before. They told me that the buyer is not being represented by an agent so this would be a private sale...

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Who's on Your Team?

Who’s on Your Team?

Who's on Your Team?

Who needs a team? I can do this myself!!!!

The success of any job increases when good and dedicated people are on your team! There are very few scenarios that I can think of that do not require a team effort. Raising your kids? Mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings – Team Parents! Getting your bachelor’s degree? Student, Counselor, Teachers, Parents, friends – Team School! Buying Groceries? Farmers, Truckers, Stockers, Store owners, cashiers – Team Store! Even mundane and simple stuff like taking a walk in your neighborhood. God, mother nature, shoe company, clothes company, sidewalk company, home builder – Team Walk! On top of this, some movie genres live off this team approach.

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Always Be Learning

Always Be learning

Always be learning is more than a catch phrase

As people, we have evolved in many ways. We went from stone tools to portable power tools. From walking to flying. From talking in person to being able to talk with someone around the world as if they were standing next to you. From dying from a cut to being able to have your heart replaced. All of it started when someone determines to do IT better. Find a better solution. Create the advancement. We are a society of learners. At least we have been. That’s why I believe in always be learning!

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